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GSE142005: Pre-established chromatin interactions mediate acute transcriptional response to Epo [RNA-seq]

Bulk RNA sequencing

Although chromatin architecture has been established in a variety of cell and tissue types, chromatin contacts dynamics in response to hormone stimulation has yet to be fully elucidated. Using the unique anemia-inducing strain of the Friend virus (FVA) murine model system, we show that there are transcriptional and epigenetic changes in response to erythropoietin within an invariant chromatin domain organization. There is an acute transcriptional response, as seen by genes with significant differential RNA polymerase II occupancy. Additionally, we find that YY1 is highly dynamic in response to Epo stimulation and these binding locations are not shared with CTCF. Using HiChIP, which combines Hi-C and ChIP methodologies, we identified enhancer-promoter interactions mediated by H3K27ac and YY1, revealing a subset of invariant chromatin loops. Together, these findings offer new insights into Epo-mediated gene regulation through chromatin organization. SOURCE: Andrea Perreault ( - Vanderbilt University

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