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GSE106365: The transcriptome difference analysis after overexpression of lncRNA-smad7 in skeletal muscle damage

Bulk RNA sequencing

Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been demonstrated to play important roles in skeletal muscle development. However, their regulation remains poorly understood. In the present study, to screen RNA-seq data about lncRNAs in myoblasts and myotubes, we selected a difference expression lncRNA, lncRNA-smad7. We aimed to investigate the function and molecular mechanism of lncRNA-smad7 during skeletal muscle development. Functional studies had shown that lncRNA-smad7 promoted myoblasts G1 phase arrest by flow cytometry and myoblasts differentiation by qRT-PCR, western blot and immunofluorescence in vitro. LncRNA-smad7 also promoted skeletal muscle regeneration in Cardiotoxin (CTX) induced muscle injury in vivo, which was mainly elucidated by HE staining and RNA-seq analysis, etc. Further mechanism research indicated that lncRNA-smad7 could increase smad7 and IGF2 protein expression level. Whereas, overexpression of miR-125b inhibited smad7 and IGF2 protein expression as well as lncRNA-smad7 and smad7 3UTR luciferase activity, which were validated with a dual luciferase report system. In summary, the functional role and molecular mechanism manifested that lncRNA-smad7 promoted myoblasts differentiation and skeletal muscle regeneration through sponging miR-125b. SOURCE: Chengchuang Song ( - Northwest A&F University

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