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GSE124397: SRSF1 role in cellular gene expression and splicing

Bulk RNA sequencing

SRSF1 is an abundant RNA-binding protein with functions in mRNA splicing, stability, translation and transcription of cellular and viral genes. We analyzed the role that SRSF1 plays in cellular gene transcription and splicing by transfecting HEK293 cells with a SRSF1 expression plasmid and by analyzing the transcriptome of the transiently transfected cells 15 hrs and 48 hrs post transfection. We also explored the role of the SRSF1 domains by transfecting a deletion clone of SRSF1 carrying only the RNA Recognition Motifs 1 and 2 (RRM1,2) but not the Arg-Ser rich (SR) domain. SOURCE: Massimo Caputi ( - Florida Atlantic University

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