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GSE125150: RNA-seq of human iPS derived macrophages with or without KLF1- transcription factor Activation

Bulk RNA sequencing

Red blood cells (RBCs) mature within a specialized niche (the erythroblastic island (EI)), which consists of a central macrophage surrounded by differentiating erythroblasts. Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell derived macrophages (iPSC-DMs) enhance proliferation and terminal maturation of Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB) CD34+ derived erythroid cells and iPSC derived erythroid cells. These effects are further increased when an inducible KLF1-ERT2 fusion protein is activated in iPSC-DMs. To assess the mechanism of action, we sought to compare the transcriptome of iPSC-DMs with and without KLF1 activation. For this, we used an inducible IPSC line (iKLF1.2) in which upon tamoxifen addition, the KLF1 transcription factor is translocated to nucleus and consequently KLF1 downstream targets are expressed. The identification and characterisation of could identify factors involved in erythroid maturation and thus helpful to improve current protocols to manufacture RBCs in vitro. SOURCE: Martha Lopez Yrigoyen ( - Forrester Centre for Regenerative Medicine

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