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GSE134375: Multi-omics profiling reveals key signaling pathways in ovarian cancer controlled by STAT3

Bulk RNA sequencing

Inhibiting STAT3 signaling reduces tumor progression, metastases and chemoresistance, however the precise molecular mechanism has not been fully delineated in ovarian cancer. Methods: In this study, we generated STAT3 knockout (KO) ovarian cancer cell lines. Effect of STAT3 KO on cell proliferation, migration and spheroid formation was assessed in vitro and effect on in vivo tumor growth was tested using several tumor xenograft models. We used multi-omic genome-wide profiling to identify multi-level (Bru-Seq, RNA-Seq, and MS Proteomic) expression signatures of STAT3 KO ovarian cancer cells. SOURCE: Armand Bankhead ( - University of Michigan

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