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GSE151388: Monocyte Subsets with High Osteoclastogenic Potential and Their Epigenetic Regulation Orchestrated by IRF8 [RNA-Seq]

Bulk RNA sequencing

Currently, it is unclear if all monocyte subsets exhibit osteoclastogenic potential. Furthermore, the role of lineage determining TFs in regulating OC differentiation on a genome-wide scale remains poorly understood. In this study, we utilized a novel Irf8 conditional knockout (Irf8 cKO) mouse model to characterize the importance of IRF8 in OC progenitor development and epigenetic regulation of OC differentiation. We performed RNA-seq on Irf8 gWT, gKO, cWT and cKO BMMs, preosteoclasts (PreOCs), and OCs. Cells were analyzed prior to (BMMs) and 3 days (PreOCs) and 6 days (OCs) after RANKL stimulation. Here we show that greater a number of genes are significantly upregulated in Irf8 cKO OCs when compared to WT and Irf8 gKO OCs. Altogether, our data shows that Irf8 cKO mice provide more precise/reliable OC-specific transcriptomic results when compared to Irf8 gKO mice. SOURCE: Stephen,R,Brooks ( - NIAMS/NIH

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