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GSE100338: Expression profiling of lncRNAs, miRNAs and mRNAs and their differential expression in leiomyoma using next generation RNA sequencing

Bulk RNA sequencing

Total RNA was isolated from leiomyoma and paired myometrium (N=8) and samples from three pairs were subjected to RNA sequencing. After analysis, 5941 lncRNAs (2813 up- and 3128 down-regulated at 1.5 fold), 148 miRNAs (56 up- and 96 down-regulated at 1.5 fold) and 3855 mRNAs (2030 up- and 1855 down-regulated at 1.5 fold) were differentially expressed in leiomyomas. Using QRT-PCR we further confirmed the expression of HULC, lnc-MEG3, LINC00890, TSIX, LINC00473, lnc-KLF9-1 and lnc-POTEM-3 (lncRNA-ATB) in leiomyoma and matched myometrium (N=8). Our results presented here provide a comprehensive expression profile of lncRNAs in leiomyomas with concurrent integrated expression of miRNAs and mRNAs in leiomyomas. SOURCE: Tsai-Der Chuang ( - Omid Khorram LA Biomed at UCLA medical center

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