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GSE137538: RNA sequencing of different neutrophil subpopulations from bone marrow

Bulk RNA sequencing

The purpose of this study is to learn the dynamic transcriptomic and molecular changes during neutrophil development. We investigated the gene expression profiles of purified morphology-defined neutrophil populations. Promyelocytes (PMs), myelocytes (MCs), metamyelocytes (MMs), band neutrophils and segmented neutrophils (BN/SNs) were isolated by FACS based on differential expression of C-Kit and Ly6g.Their identities were confirmed by morphological examination. Bulk RNA sequencing was then performed to reveal the gene expression profiles and molecular signatures of each cell population. Detailed analysis of gene expression revealed that MBs highly expressed the stem cell marker Cd34 and translation-related genes such as Eef1a1, while the highest expression of primary granule-related genes such as Mpo, Elane, Prtn3, and Cstg was detected in the PM population. MCs and MMs were highly proliferative neutrophils expressing high levels of cell cycle-related genes which were significantly downregulated in mature neutrophils. Finally, this study provides a framework for the detail study of the neutrophil development and for the future application in the modulation of the granulopoiesis under pathological conditions. SOURCE: Xuemei Xie ( - Luo's Lab Boston Children's Hospital

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