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GSE137506: Genome-wide expression analysis in murine brain in E14.5 vs. 10.5m old mice

Bulk RNA sequencing

NBS1 (Nbn in Mus musculus) is a critical component of the MRN (MRE11/RAD50/NBS1) complex, which regulates ATM- and ATR-mediated DNA damage response (DDR) pathways. NBS1 mutations cause the human genomic instability syndrome Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome (NBS), in which microcephaly and intellectual disability are marked neuronal deficits. NBS1 is essential for life, because of its function in the DDR to ensure proliferation and preventing the cell death of replicating cells. However, the function of NBS1 in postmitotic cells is unclear. To explore the possible role of Nbs1 in non-dividing cells and the effection of its deletion on gene expression, RNA-seq was carried out to compare the expression of Nbs1 and other DDR molecules in developing and adult brain. SOURCE: Marco Groth ( - Leibniz Institute on Aging - FLI

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