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GSE127987: The long noncoding RNAPnkyis atrans-actingregulator of cortical developmentin vivo

Bulk RNA sequencing

While it is now appreciated that certain longnoncodinginvivo,particularly with genetic strategies that establishcisversustransmechanisms.Pnkyisa nuclear-enriched lncRNA that is transcribed divergently from theneighboring proneuraltranscription factorPou3f2.Here we show that conditional deletion ofPnkyfrom the developing cortex regulatesthe production of projection neurons from neural stem cells (NSCs) in acell-autonomous manner, altering postnatal cortical lamination.Surprisingly,Pou3f2expression is not disrupted by deletion of the entirePnkygene.Moreover, expression ofPnkyfrom aBAC transgene rescues the differential gene expression andincreased neurogenesis ofPnky-knockoutNSCs, as well as the developmental phenotypes ofPnky-deletionin vivo.Thus,despite being transcribed divergentlyfrom a key developmental transcription factor, the lncRNAPnkyregulates development intrans. SOURCE: Daniel Lim ( - UCSF

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