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GSE61130: Analysis of the senescent transcriptome upon expression of a ZFP36L1 phosphomutant

Bulk RNA sequencing

We expressed either a wt or a phosphomutant version of ZFP36L1 in IMR90 ER:RAS cells. 7 days upon RAS induction (when the cells reach a fully senescent phenotype) we collected the RNA. ZFP36L1 is a RNA binding protein that binds to AU-rich elements in the 3UTR of mRNAs and triggers their degradation. Our previous experiments showed that the activity of ZFP36L1 was key in the regulation of the senescent phenotype.By performing RNAseq we have uncovered the effect of expressing a constitutively active mutant of ZFP36L1 within the senescent transcriptome. SOURCE: Gopuraja Dharmalingam MRC Clinical Sciences Centre

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