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GSE113980: CD47 expression in natural killer cell regulates homeostasis and modulates immune response to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus

Bulk RNA sequencing

CD47 is a ubiquitous cell surface receptor that limits cell clearance by phagocytes that express its counter-receptor signal-regulatory protein- and directly regulates T cell immunity by interacting with its inhibitory ligand thrombospondin-1. Murine natural killer (NK) cells express higher levels of CD47 than other lymphocytes, but the role of CD47 in regulating NK cell homeostasis and immune function remains unclear. Cd47-/- mice exhibited depletion of NK precursors in bone marrow, but antisense Cd47 knockdown or gene disruption resulted in a dose dependent accumulation of immature and mature NK cells in spleen. Cd47-/- mice were impaired in controlling chronic Clone-13 lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) infection, which was associated with depletion of splenic NK cells and loss of effector cytokine and interferon response gene expression in Cd47-/- NK cells. These data identify CD47 as a cell-intrinsic and systemic regulator of NK cell homeostasis and NK cell responses to viral infection. SOURCE: David,D.,Roberts ( - Laboratory of Pathology National Institutes of Health

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