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GSE73357: Heterogeneous ribosomes exist and selectively translate distinct subpools of mRNAs in stem cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

Emerging studies have linked the ribosome to more selective control of gene regulation. However, an outstanding question is whether ribosome heterogeneity at the level of core ribosomal proteins (RPs) enables ribosomes to preferentially translate specific mRNAs genome-wide. Here, we measured the absolute abundance of RPs in translating ribosomes and profiled transcripts that are enriched or depleted from select subsets of ribosomes within embryonic stem cells. We find that heterogeneity in RP composition endows ribosomes with different selectivity for translating subpools of transcripts including those controlling metabolism, the cell cycle, and development. As a paradigm example, we show that mRNAs enriched in binding to RPL10A/uL1-containing ribosomes require RPL10A/uL1 for their efficient translation. Within several of these transcripts, we find this level of regulation is mediated, at least in part, by internal ribosome entry sites. Together, these results reveal a critical functional link between ribosome heterogeneity and the post-transcriptional circuitry of gene expression. SOURCE: Zhen Shi Stanford

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