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GSE103154: Tracing the temporal-spatial transcriptomic landscapes of the human fetal digestive tract by single cell RNA-seq analysis [adult tissues]

Bulk RNA sequencing

Here, using a modified STRT-seq protocol, we analyzed the large intestine (LI) from two adults.In detail, the total 1891 single cells were picked from two adults LI. After the same rigorous filtration as fetal, 1463 individual cells were used for subsequent analysis. We identified 18 cell types including all main cell types existed in intestine such as enterocyte, goblet cell, enteroendocrine, Paneth cell, stem cell and immune cell. Take advantage of single cell RNA sequencing, we found that there were subtypes existed in some cell types. Subsequently, combined with our previous fetal data, we investigate the transcriptomic similarity and difference between human from fetal to adult. The transcriptome feature and development process from fetal to adult were revealed for the first time at single-cell resolution. SOURCE: Rui WANG ( - Fuchou Tang Peking University

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