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GSE109805: Comparison of gene expression profiles of ex vivo sorted Common Lymphoid Progenitors (CLPs) and in vitro cultured cCLPs.

Bulk RNA sequencing

A common lymphoid progenitor cell culture system was established, maintaining a multipotent, proliferating state of CLPs. Cells can be cultured and expanded in vitro for several months, maintaining their in vitro and in vivo lymphoid differentiation potential. We were interested, whether cCLP are changing, with regards to their gene expression program, compared to in vivo CLPs, during their expansion in culture. Therefore we compared the gene expression profile of cultured cCLPs and their counterparts in vivo, by NextGenSeq. CLPs were sorted from bone marrow of 6-10 weeks old C57BL/6 mice (n=4). Cells were sorted for Lin-, IL7R+, Flk2+, CD27+, Ly6d- marker expressing CLPs by Flow Cytometry for gene expression analysis. In parallel the same cell population was sorted and cultured under cCLP culture conditions. After two months culture the cells sorted again for Lin-, CD27+, Ly6d- cells by Flow Cytometry for gene expression analysis (n=4). The analysis shows that cCLPs maintain a very similar transcription profile to ex vivo sorted common lymphoid progenitors. SOURCE: Pawel Durek ( - Deutsches Rheuma-Forschungszentrum

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