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GSE121277: RNA seq data of Hep3B-control, Hep3B-sertraline, Hep3B-XL413, Hep3B-XL413-sertraline, Huh7-control, Huh7-sertraline, Huh7-XL413, Huh7-XL413-sertraline cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

Hep3B and Huh7 cells pre-treated with XL413 for 10 days to induce senescence prior to sertraline treatment for 24 hours. For RNA sequencing, the library was prepared using TruSeq RNA sample prep kit according to the manufacturers protocol (Illumina). Gene set enrichment analysis was performed using gene set enrichment analysis software. SOURCE: Cun Wang ( - Rene Bernards The Netherlands Cancer Institute

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