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GSE115865: Neurotropism and Neurotoxicity Comparison among Retrograde Viral Tracers and Their Combinational Application in High-order Circuit Tracing

Bulk RNA sequencing

Here, we demonstrated the neurotropism of different retrograde viral tracers are distinct through parallel comparison of multi-synaptic and mono-synaptic tracers in circuit tracing. By virture of their distinct tropism, we reconstructed more comprehensive LHA input circuit map. Notably, exogenous expression of TVA receptor in rabies virus (RV) resistant neurons can enable the infection of EnVA-pseudotyped RV. The potential viral receptor candidates attributing to neurotropism were analyzed by single cell sequencing. Further, we systematically compared neurotoxicity of glycoprotein-deleted RV and rAAV2-retro by RNAseq and immunohistochemistry. Finally, we demonstrated a proof-of-concept strategy for high-order circuit tracing by combining different viral tracers. SOURCE: Gang Cao ( - State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology Huazhong Agricultural University

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