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GSE131276: Preclinical Model of ER-positive breast cancer treated with thyroid hormone with or without tamoxifen

Bulk RNA sequencing

Here, we treated a nove ER-positive PDX (UCD12) supplemented with estrogen (E2) with or without thyroid hormone (TH) and/or tamoxifen (Tam). Each treatment cohort (E2 alone, E2 + TH, E2 + Tam, E2+ TH+Tam) tumor growth over time was monitored. Tumors treated with TH continued to grow more that E2 alone. Tamoxifen blocked E2-mediated tumor growth, however in the presence of TH this was not seen. This analysis identified thyroid hormone as a potential driver of tumor progression in the context of estrogen receptor positive PDX tumor model. SOURCE: Hyunmin Kim ( - University of Colorado Denver

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