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GSE104836: Differentially expressed LncRNAs and mRNA identified by SEQ analysis in colorectal cancer patients

Bulk RNA sequencing

LncRNA plays an important role in gene regulation, but its impact on the pathogenesis of colorectal cancer and the biological function of cancer cells is unclear. In this study, we will use the next generation sequencing technique to study the differences of the expression profiles of lncRNA and mRNA in colorectal cancer tissues, analyzing the differentially expressed genes by GO/KEGG enrichment, and predicting the new lncRNAs function. Our results revealed that Comparing with the nontumor colorectal tissues, 1019 lncRNAs (512 upregulated, 507 downregulated) and 3221 mRNAs (1606 upregulated, 1615 downregulated) were differentially expressed in tumor colorectal tissues (fold change>2 and P<0.05). SOURCE: Li Meng ( - colon tissues

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