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GSE157080: Transcriptome profiling of normal and DNMT3L-overexpressing human neurons [RNA-seq]

Bulk RNA sequencing

The objective of this study is to test the gene expression changes caused by DNMT3L overexpression in human neurons. The total RNA of each sample was extracted from the lentivirus infected, early differentiated human neuroprogenitors with ZsGreen (n=3) or DNMT3L (n=3) overexpression by using TRIzol reagent. Then the RNA samples were processed for high throughput transcriptome sequencing on Illumina HiSeq 3000 platform.; Results: among 57 905 cleaned RNAs, 7983 RNAs were differentially expressed in DNMT3L overexpressing neurons compared with control neurons, with q-value 0.05. After limited the cut-off by adding |fold change| 1.5, the numbers of differential expressed RNAs lowered to 1073, with more down-regulation (590) than up-regulation (483). The differential expressed genes distributed in all chromosomes, also showing the pattern of more down-regulation than up-regulation in every chromosome except chromosome 21. Functional annotation with DAVID revealed the top functional groups including type I interferon signaling pathway and RNA and protein processing. SOURCE: JIE LU ( - Lu China Medical University

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