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GSE102209 (mouse): Cooperation between TLX1 and the NUP214-ABL1/STAT5 signaling in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Bulk RNA sequencing

The NUP214-ABL1 fusion is a constitutively activated tyrosine kinase that is significantly associated with overexpression of the TLX1 or TLX3 transcription factors in T-cell acute lymphoblastic (T-ALL). Here we show that NUP214-ABL1 kinase cooperates with TLX1 in driving T-ALL development using a transgenic mouse model. Using ChIP-seq and ATAC-seq, we show that TLX1 and STAT5, the downstream effector of NUP214-ABL1, selectively increase the accessibility of enhancer regions, and cooperatively activate the expression of key proto-oncogenes such as MYC and BCL2. Moreover, MYC is also part of the TLX1/STAT5 complex and inhibition of both MYC and STAT5 leads to reduction of target gene expression. SOURCE: Sofie Demeyer ( - Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Leukemia KULeuven / VIB

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