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GSE107284: Transcriptomic profiling of ex vivo isolated CD3+CD4+ T cells from spleens of colitic Rag-/- mice received nave ERfl/fl and CD4CreERfl/fl CD4+ T cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

To study the role of estrogen receptor alpha (ER) in T cell mediated inflammation, colitis was induced in Rag-/- mice by injecting FACS sorted CD4 T cells from control (ERfl/fl) and ER deficient (CD4CreERfl/fl). After 8 weeks of injection, the CD4+ T cells were FACS sorted from Rag-/- spleens. RNA extraction was carried out and libraries were prepared using Illumina TruSeq RNA sample Preparation kit according to the manufacturers instructions. SOURCE: Imran,Ahammad,Mohammad ( - Chen,Zhi Turku center for Biotechnology

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