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GSE134789: Analysis of the expression profiles of back skin and excisional wound-derived fibroblasts FACS-sorted from mice overexpressing activin A.

Bulk RNA sequencing

Overexpression of activin A by keratinocytes accelerates excisional wound healing in mice. Activin-promoted wound healing is mediated via the stroma, specifically by the wound immune cells and fibroblasts. To determine if activin A alters the gene expression profile of wound fibroblasts, we performed RNA-sequencing of fibroblasts FACS-sorted from excisional skin wounds of activin overexpressing mice. We found that activin induces a pro-fibrotic gene expression profile of these fibroblasts, leading to the upregulation of genes involved in collagen biosynthesis and remodeling. SOURCE: Mateusz,S,Wietecha ( - Prof. Sabine Werner ETH Zurich

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