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GSE114151: PRMT5 regulated transcriptome in prostate cancer cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

Compared to intensely studied DNA methylation, protein methylation is less studied. PRMT5 is the major type II protein arginine methyltransferase catalyzing the symmetric dimethylation of arginine. Recent reports have indicated that PRMT5 is overexpressed in multiple cancer types, including prostate. However, the exact contribution of PRMT5 to prostate tumorigenesis is unknown. To explore PRMT5 in prostate cancer (PCa) therapeutically, we utilized a recently developed selective small molecule PRMT5 inhibitor (PRMT5i, EPZ015666) that has shown in vivo potency in MCL models. To understand the molecular mechanisms of action of PRMT5i in PCa, we performed deep RNA-seq analysis in PC3 and LNCaP cells treated with or without PRMT5i at 4 M for 4 days in vitro. SOURCE: Dingxiao Zhang ( - Tang lab Roswell Park Cancer Institute

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