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GSE112859: Targets mediated microRNA arm-imbalance promotes gastric cancer progression

Bulk RNA sequencing

Two miRNA arms from the same precursor, miR-574-5p and miR-574-3p, were reversely expressed and played exact opposite role in gastric cancer progression. miR-574-5p/-3p ratio was also strongly correlated with higher TNM stages and shorter survival of patients. The increase of miR-574-5p/-3p ratio, or the arm-imbalance of miR-574 was due to the dynamic expression of their highly complementary targets in gastric carcinogenesis. The arm imbalance of miR-574 in turn strongly contributed to and further promoted gastric cancer progression.; Conclusion: Our findings indicated that targets mediated miR-574 arm-imbalance contributed to gastric cancer progression. Re-modification of the miR-574-targets homeostasis may represent a realistic approach for gastric cancer prevention and therapy. SOURCE: Xu,jia,yue ( - Peking Union Medical College

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