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GSE111902: Compendium of CD8+ T cell Data

Bulk RNA sequencing

Compendium of high-throughput sequencing datasets derived from murine CD8+ T cells responding to infection, profiled by RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, and ATAC-seq at Nave, Effector, and Memory timepoints across the Kaech, Goldrath, and Pereira labs, and ChIP-seq of various transcription factors across several labs; ; Submission contains both original data from the Kaech lab and reanalysis of data from the Pereira and Goldrath labs, as well as various other labs corresponding to individual transcription factor ChIP-seq datasets, totaling to 96 reanalyzed GSM samples across several GSE series; ; Included GSE series are: GSE95237 (Genome-wide maps of chromatin state and chromatin accessibility in CD8 T cell subsets), GSE95238 (Epigenetic landscapes reveal transcription factors that regulate CD8+ T cell differentiation), GSE88987 (Dynamic changes in chromatin accessibility in CD8+ T cells responding to viral infection), GSE58075 (Genome-wide mapping of Myc, AP4, and phosphorylated RNA polymerase II binding in activated CD8 T cells by ChIP sequencing), GSE54191 (ChIP-Seq analysis of BATF, IRF4, the Jun proteins, and histone modifications in effector CD8+ T cells), GSE20898 (Genome-wide Analyses of Transcription Factor GATA3-Mediated Gene Regulation in Distinct T Cell Types), GSE46943 (Transcription Factor Foxo1 Controls Memory CD8+ T Cell Responses To Infection [ChIP-Seq]), GSE72997 (ChIP-Seq analysis of Helios and histone modifications in CD4+ and CD8+ Tregs), GSE50128 (Genome-wide maps of Runx3 bound regions in splenic IL-2-activated CD8+ T cells), GSE72565 (Binding of STAT5 upon IL-2 treatment to genomic sites in mouse CD8 T cells costimulated in vivo through CD134 plus CD137), GSE49930 (The transcription factor IRF4 is essential for T cell receptor affinity mediated metabolic programming and clonal expansion of T cells [ChIP-seq]), and GSE52070 (Genome-wide maps of Tcf1 binding locations in splenic CD8 T cells) SOURCE: Robert,Anthony,Amezquita ( - Raphael Gottardo Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute

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