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GSE99604: Gene expression changes in Ing1- and Gadd45a- single- or double-knockout mouse embryonic fibroblasts during adipogenesis

Bulk RNA sequencing

ING1b and GADD45a are nuclear proteins involved in the regulation of cell growth, apoptosis and DNA repair. We previously found that ING1b is required to target GADD45a-mediated active DNA-demethylation via TET1 to specific loci. In order to study the impact of ING1-GADD45a on MEF-to-adipocyte differentiation, we compared the gene expression profile of wildtype mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) with Ing1- and Gadd45a- single- or double-knockout (DKO) MEFs at day 6 of adipogenic differentiation via RNA-sequencing. SOURCE: Emil Karaulanov ( - Institute of Molecular Biology

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