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GSE128453: The female-biased factor VGLL3 drives cutaneous and systemic autoimmunity: RNA-seq analysis of the K5-Vgll3 transgenic mouse model of cutaneous and systemic lupus

Bulk RNA sequencing

RNA-seq analysis of nonlesional skin, whole blood, and cultured primary keratinocytes of wild-type and autoimmunity-prone K5-Vgll3 mice, which overexpress the female-biased transcription cofactor VGLL3 in the epidermis and develop a progressive lupus-like rash and systemic autoimmune disease with features of systemic lupus erythematosus. These skin and blood data demonstrate that skin-directed overexpression of VGLL3 results in gene expression changes strikingly similar to those seen in skin and blood of patients with cutaneous and systemic lupus, respectively. SOURCE: Lam Tsoi ( - University of Michigan

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