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GSE152547: RNA-seq studies of Rhinovirus Response in asthma cases and non-asthma controls

Bulk RNA sequencing

There is a life-long relationship between rhinovirus (RV) infection and the development and clinical manifestations of asthma. In this study we demonstrate that cultured primary bronchial epithelial cells from adults with asthma (n = 9) show different transcriptional and chromatin responses to RV infection compared to those without asthma (n = 9). Both the number and magnitude of transcriptional and chromatin responses to RV were muted in cells from asthma cases compared to controls. Pathway analysis of the transcriptionally responsive genes revealed enrichments of apoptotic pathways in controls but inflammatory pathways in asthma cases. Using promoter capture Hi-C we tethered regions of RV-responsive chromatin to RV-responsive genes and showed enrichment of these regions and genes at asthma GWAS loci. Taken together, our studies indicate a delayed or prolonged inflammatory state in cells from asthma cases and highlight genes that may contribute to genetic risk for asthma. SOURCE: Carole Ober ( - Ober The University of Chicago

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