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GSE78747: GRN knockout, sorted brain cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

1 year old mice were perfused and brains were dissociated. Cells were fixed, immunolabeled and FACS sorted. RNA was extracted from neuron, astrocyte, and microglial cell populations. Typical RIN=4-5 for neurons, 6-8 for astrocytes, and 5-7 for microglia. Typical RNA yields ~100ng for neurons, ~20ng for microglia, and ~10ng for astrocytes.; cDNA was generated from up to 25 ng of total RNA using Nugens RNA-Seq method for low-input RNA samples, Ovation RNA-Seq System V2 (NuGEN). (Per manufacturers instructions, total RNA was neither depleted of rRNA nor polyA-selected.) 1 g of sheared cDNA was taken into further processing, starting at end repair step, using Illuminas TruSeq RNA Sample Preparation Kit v2 (Illumina).; The "SAMID" sample characteristic is a sample identifier internal to Genentech.; The ID of this project in Genentech's ExpressionPlot database is PRJ0007717 SOURCE: Brad,A,Friedman ( - Genentech, Inc.

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