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GSE146915: RNA-seq from lung E18.5

Bulk RNA sequencing

The impact of Mll3 removal on lung development was evaluated by mRNA profiling of three lung samples each from control and Mll3KO mice. Using 75-base-pair reads, 30 million reads per sample with comparable unique mapped reads (89-91%) were obtained. All biological replicates clustered into two well-separated groups according to genotype thereby lending confidence regarding data quality. To analyze differentially expressed genes, we applied DESeq2 analysis to the RNA-seq dataset. As expected for an H3K4 methyltransferase, we observed that 5 times more mRNAs were down- than up-regulated at a false discovery rate (FDR) of 5%. GO term analysis by DAVID revealed that Mll3 is important for the regulation of cell differentiation and morphogenesis, and therefore for the maturation of the lung. Using GSEA we concluded that the most affected cell type was the alveolar epithelial type-I cells involved in gas exchange. SOURCE: Francis Stewart ( - Stewart BIOTEChnology Center TU Dresden

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