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GSE108480: Differential 3 Processing of Specific Transcripts Expands Regulatory and Protein Diversity Across Neuronal Cell Types

Bulk RNA sequencing

Alternative polyadenylation (APA) regulates mRNA translation, stability, and protein localization. However, it is unclear to what extent APA regulates these processes uniquely in specific cell types. Using a new technique, cTag-PAPERCLIP, we discovered significant differences in APA between the principal types of mouse cerebellar neurons, the Purkinje and granule cells, as well as between proliferating and differentiated granule cells. Transcripts that differed in APA in these comparisons were enriched in key neuronal functions and many differed in coding sequence in addition to 3UTR length. SOURCE: Saša JerebRobert B. Darnell Lab The Rockefeller University

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