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GSE133473: Requirement for Cleavage Factor IIm in the Control of Alternative Polyadenylation in Breast Cancer Cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

This experimental series concerns the position bias and extent of 3'-end choice in MCF7 cells after knock-down of the CFII subunits PCF11 and CLP1 in MCF7. Loss of either subunit results in 3'-lengthening by APA. Importantly this lengthening is toward a more 'normal-like' distribution. MCF7 cells show a native 3'-end distribution favoring short internal adenylation sites compared to MDAMD231 cells. The difference between the two cell lines might be driven by a higher expression of the exosome in MDAMD231 cells. SOURCE: Bernhard Dichtl ( - Deakin University

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