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GSE150621: Gestational diabetes and human amniocytes

Bulk RNA sequencing

Context: Context: Gestational diabetes (GDM) has profound effects on the intrauterine metabolic milieu and is linked to obesity and diabetes in offspring, but the mechanisms driving these effects remain largely unknown. Alterations gene expression in amniocytes exposed to GDM in utero may identify potential mechanisms leading to metabolic dysfunction later in life.; Objective: Objective: To profile changes in the transcriptome in human amniocytes exposed to GDM; Methods: A nested case-control study was performed in second trimeseter amniocytes matched for offspring sex, maternal race/ethnicity, maternal age, gestational age at amniocentesis, gestational age at birth and gestational diabetes status. Sex-specific RNA-sequencing was completed and gene expression changes were identified.; Results: Expression of interferon-stimulated genes was increased in GDM amniocytes accounting for 6 of the top 10 altered genes (q<0.05). Enriched biological pathways in GDM anmiocytes included pathways involving inflammation, the interferon response, fatty liver disease, monogenic diabetes and atherosclerosis.; Conclusion: In a unique repository of human amniocytes exposed to GDM in utero, trancriptome analysis identified enrichment of inflammation and interferon-related pathways. SOURCE: Paul,Zhiping,Wang ( - Bioinformatics Core, IBI, UPen

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