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GSE133397: Transcriptomic analysis of resting or activated human CD226- and CD226+ effector memory CD8+ T cell subsets isolated from the peripheral blood of healthy donors.

Bulk RNA sequencing

We recently found that loss of the activating receptor CD226 (DNAM-1) was a critical mechanism affecting CD8+ T cell responsiveness to TCR stimulation. To better understand the molecular differences between CD226- and CD226+ CD8+ T cells, we decided to perform a global transcriptional analysis of purified CD226+ and CD226- CD8+ effector memory T cells before and after TCR activation using next generation RNA sequencing. We report here the total RNA sequencing of healthy donor resting CD226- and CD226+ CD8+ Tem cells (n=6/group) or activated (ACT, n=4/group) by -CD2/CD3/CD28 for 24 hrs. SOURCE: ludovic Martinet ( - Team 13 INSERM U1037

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