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GSE109728: Effect of ER-464195-01 on the gene expression in the intestine of mice.

Bulk RNA sequencing

Our previous study identified a small molecule, orally active ER-464195-01, inhibits the calreticulin binding to alpha integrins, and clearly suppresses the adherence ability of leukocytes. Our transcriptome analysis with the colonof dextran sodium sulfate (DSS)-treated mice reveals that the increased expression of pro-inflammatory genes was down-regulated by ER-464195-01.; Male Balb/c mice (7 weeks) were allowed free access to distilled water (Otsuka Pharmaceutical). ER-464195-01 (10 mg/kg) or vehicle was orally administered once per day for 6 days. SOURCE: Jun-Dal KimFukamizu Lab. University of Tsukuba

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